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POSITIVE INFINITY (+∞) develops apps to find

ATMstoiletsgas stationstourist attractionssupermarketsrestaurantsparking lots

and more.

Our philosophy is too offer all apps for free and without any ads on the main screen. Still, all the basic functionality is availabe without having to pay. That is, searching near your location (wherever you are), a map with satellite option, navigation to locations and more.

Visit the Play Store to try them out now! If you like the app, you may unlock some additional features, remove any second-screen ads and support our further development by purchasing the PRO version for just about 0,99€ (price may vary a bit depending on your local currency).


Wheelchair accessibility information is availabe for some apps, e.g. in our toilet finder app. There are three stages of accessibility to indicate if a particular location is suitable to be used with a wheelchair (or similar mobility devices):

  • Wheelchairs have full unrestricted access, i.e. the entry and the rooms are stepless.
  • Wheelchairs have partial access, i.e. the entry may have a step not higher than the width of a hand and the most important rooms should be accessible.
  • Wheelchairs have no unrestricted access, i.e. the location might be accessible by stairs only.

The apps works anywhere in the world. There are two exceptions: Cash Group Locator and Cash Pool Locator do show results in Germany only as the corresponding banking groups are based in Germany.

Of course! Many users constantly help to improve the databases by reporting newly added or closed locations from all over the world. Therefore, the data used by the apps is up-to-date and gets improved continuously. There are mainly two ways to report updates:

  • Report a missing place: Choose "Report mising entry" from the overflow menu (the three dots at the upper right corner) in the main list or map view. Please describe the location of the missing place as exact as possible (or even better add the GPS coordinates, e.g. from Google Maps).
  • Report an errornous place: Long-press the corresponding list item and choose "Report errornous entry" from the appearing context menu. Please describe the type of error as exact as possible, e.g. "wrong address", "place not existing / closed", "wrong opening hours" and so on.

After you sent your feedback, we will correct the databases as soon as possible. You will be notified by email as soon as the update is live. Remark: The reporting functionality is currently being redesigned to make it easier for you to send updates directly from within the app. Stay tuned for one of the next app updates to try it out!

Besides searching by place or address via the automcomplete search field it is also possible to search directly from the map. To do so, switch to the map view, position the map anywhere you'd like to search and select "Search here" from the main menu (three dot overflow).

Your question has not been answered? Just send us an email!